Monthly Archives: June 2016

Alvida Bharat (Goodbye India)!

Car Sold.  Boxes Packed.  Truck Loaded.  Utilities Paid.  Keys turned over to landlord.  Staff Paid.  Bank account closed.  Phones turned off.  Suitcases in hotel room ready to go.  Goodbyes said.  A few tears shed as we depart this colorful country, leaving a bit of our heart and soul here making us forever changed.  Thank you India for an incredible three year experience that surpassed our expectations.

We gained a knowledge and appreciation for other religions —

We gained an education that surpassed the school room –

DSC05875 (2)

All our senses were exposed to new levels —


Friendships were made —


New fashion was discovered —

Hailey in sari in Jaipur

Real jet lag was felt —


And family bonds were strengthened —


Thank you India!  You are forever a part of our lives and our hearts.