Finding New Freedom

Can you imagine the desire to be able to sit up and look at someone in the face?  Can you imagine the need at an age way past walking as a toddler to be able to move yourself around freely?  There are THOUSANDS of individuals in India that desire those freedoms and Tyler’s hope to bring some of that freedom to individuals here in India came to fruition this past month.


This child had never sat up on his own before.  It was an entirely new perspective for him and his parents were excited for the freedom for him as well as themselves.


In a country that has so many people with so many needs, one would think it should be easy to show up and say, “hey, we want to help.”  Well, it wasn’t an easy journey, but Tyler stuck with it and the smiles were payday for him.


This girl had a spinal cord injury and lives in a village making it difficult to use a normal wheelchair.  This gift makes her life so much better!


One of the largest hospitals in India, AIIMS, has people show up weekly from within the city and faraway villages all over northern India, having a need for a wheelchair.  It can be due to a spinal cord injury later in life or being born with a disability like cerebral palsy.  They have a long list of people with needs, but lack the resources to help.


This gentleman showed up wondering if he could get a wheelchair fit to him.  He has taken old bicycle parts, and created something that gets him around.  This man’s positive attitude towards life was infectious.


Most of these individuals are too poor to have the funds to purchase a wheelchair.  And if they do have some resources, the quality of wheelchair they can receive does not necessarily help them.  For example, one can buy a basic wheelchair for a decent price, but the type of wheels won’t help that individual get anywhere trying to move around the terrain in their village or even the bumpy sidewalks of Delhi.  So after much research, and lots of investigation and some corporate help, Tyler was able to create a new partnership and bring joy to some individuals.


This boy was so happy.  He had a twin brother that was born without a disability and the mother had carried this son everywhere until this day.  His brother was so happy for his disabled brother that you would have thought it was for him.  This boy had the mechanics of that wheelchair down very quickly, loving the freedom.


Motivation India has an incredible program that fits the person to the wheelchair and their needs.  The social worker at the hospital had worked diligently to select the individuals that would be able to receive one of the wheelchairs.  We showed up to watch the fittings happen.


One of the wheelchairs waiting to be fitted to the lucky person.


When Tyler first approached Motivation India, they had done some work in south India and said, sure, we can do it in south India.  Tyler, said “no, I live in Delhi.  I want it to happen in northern India.”  After finding the right partner to pair them with — AIIMS hospital, some individuals that have never been able to sit up and look at someone in the face on their own, or move around without being carried, are finding new freedom.  It was a great way to bring a desire that was planted in our year one here in India to a reality in year three for us.


After the fittings, there was a little “celebration” and acknowledgement of the event with the doctors and board of the hospital.


2 thoughts on “Finding New Freedom

  1. Judy Miller

    I was so impressed with what you have made happen for these people. Thanks for your caring hearts and example for the rest of us.


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