Our “Little Happys”

Living in another country makes one miss many things they are accustomed to but dwelling on those does not bring happiness.  So, we have tried to find some things here in India that are just simple every day events that we call our “little happys” that bring some joy to us.  So as year two in New Delhi India comes to a close for us (okay so Tyler is going to sweat it out in June alone here), we wanted to share a few of our “little happys” that we have discovered.


Flower Stands:  Flowers are super cheap here and corner flower markets are seen frequently throughout the city.  You can even pick up a bunch of roses off a child walking up and down the aisles of cars at a traffic light stop.  Hailey definitely finds joy in heading over to the flower stand and picking out a nice bouquet.  She just wishes we would indulge in this “little happy” more frequently.


Mother Dairy:  There are ice cream carts peddling their goods throughout the city but according to the boys, Mother Dairy is the best one and they definitely find happiness in the price.  An ice cream cone (a smaller version of a Drumstick) costs a few cents.  We have a larger Mother Dairy location a few minutes walk from our home so every so often, we just stock up on these cones.  The guards and drivers of our building love when we indulge in this little happy because we always return with enough to share with them as well.


Massages:  As we have mentioned in prior blogs, anything that has to do with labor, is inexpensive here in India and as a result, we are indulging in the “little happy” of weekly massages from Madu, a local Indian woman, that comes to our home.  For less than $20 one can get an extremely good hour massage.  This little happy is going to be greatly missed when we leave India.


Our Gym:  One of the purposes for shopping for a ground floor apartment was because the basement sometimes comes with it and we have made a very big “little happy” in our basement with our personal gym.  Everyone in the home makes their way down there at various times and I have to say that it has probably kept our sanity by spending time in the gym.


Fresh Fruit:  The local fruit is incredible here and Tyler loves his morning fruit bowls.  I have definitely become more efficient at cutting mangoes and pomegranates and they are delicious.  If the fruit is locally grown, it is much cheaper than at home, but if you want an imported item, be ready for sticker shock.  We are especially happy when it is mango season!


An Incredible Landlord:  There are plenty of scary “landlord” stories one hears throughout the expat community but we have been given the best landlord.  Household items are of a different quality and build here so we feel very blessed that we have a great landlord that attends to any issues we have very quickly.  I mean, how many times can a brand new dryer need maintenance or the government create new forms we need to submit with our landlord’s signature?  Well, he responds promptly and positively every time.


The “Wow” Factor from the Unexpected:  New Delhi does not disappoint in seeing the “unexpected” and it makes us smile when we see the occasional camel on the road, elephant walking down the street, a bus so stuffed with people the doors won’t close or the family of 5 traveling on a motorcycle..  We definitely get happiness from the unexpected energy and reminders that “Wow!  I live in India.”

But the most recent enormous little happy is that the internet speed has been upgraded in our area!  We can’t tell you how happy that makes our life in so many ways.  Of course it took us inquiring first to pursue the faster connection and then many visits from the provider to finally get it but that is definitely one of our BIG little happys.  Okay, so it fluctuates still by the hour and we really are never getting the speed that they claim, but on those moments when it is faster, we are SO HAPPY!  I am certain year three will reveal even more “little happys” for us to add to the list.


One thought on “Our “Little Happys”

  1. Lana Wimmer

    I love that you find the joys in what could be a very tough situation. You always make the best of everything and therefore “happys” will always come your way.


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