The Beautiful Maldives

October is festival season in India, so we took advantage of a 4-day weekend and visited an incredibly beautiful part of the world — The Maldives.


The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka on the equator.  It is the smallest country in Asia and the smallest Muslim country in the world.  The Maldives gained its independence from the British Colony in 1965.  99% of Maldives is water and has an average ground level of 4 feet, 11 inches, thus making it the lowest country in the world.

This is a view of some of the islands from the airplane.

There are over 1100 coral islands in the Maldives with 202 of them inhabited and 87 of those are exclusive resort islands.  The resort we stayed at, The Sheraton Full Moon Resort, was one of those islands that is covered by the one resort.  It would take about 5 minutes to walk from one side to the other and probably 15 minutes to walk the length of the island.

There was white coral everywhere on the beach, with the sand consisting of mostly very small pieces of coral.

On one side of the island, several stingrays liked to hang out near the beach.  Notice how they blend right into their environment — not the typical black stingray.

Our accommodations on the island were memorable to say the least.  We had two small little huts, right next to each other as our “hotel rooms” and then due to our status at the Sheraton thanks to all that living in the hotel last year, they upgraded one of the rooms the last night to the “ultimate suite”.  We let the kids enjoy it and they were in heaven!  Not sure where they will ever top that hotel room.

The bathroom of our bungalow rooms.  Yes, the shower is right there under the beautiful sky.

The ultimate “suite” that we enjoyed the last night.  They only have one on the island.  You could just step right off the back porch and snorkel.  There was an open Jacuzzi on the back deck as well.  See, all that hotel living last year did have some advantages down the road.

Conner standing on the back deck of the “suite”.

After landing at the airport, we were taken by motor boat to our resort island, about 15 minutes from the airport.  We had heard so many great things about the Maldives and we are truly glad that we put it at the top of our list of “must sees” while living so close.


Of course fresh air and beautiful skies is always a highlight when escaping New Delhi.  We loved the snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming and the surfing.  And of course we naturally took advantage of the ability to eat beef .  An incredible memory and a moment when the children decided our current life has its own rewards.

Hailey snorkeling.  

Conner paddle boarding

Thomas surfing.  The boys took a boat out a little ways to catch some waves.  One of the very different things about surfing there was that you hit coral just a couple of feet under the water, bringing home some “roughed up” feet.

The swimming pool at the resort. 



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