Namaste Year Two

Six weeks after arriving in the United States for our summer vacation, I was able to drive to LAX to finally welcome my husband, Tyler, back to the United States.  As we drove away from the airport he pointed out that it is truly like a magic carpet ride.  You leave one very different world to arrive in a completely different world.  Well the Bryson family is grateful for the 20+ hour “carpet ride” that could join our two worlds together.

The Grand Tetons above and Jackson Hole, below.


Summer fun consisted of a trip to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, visiting family in Utah, and spending an entire month back in San Clemente, California, with plenty of beach time.  Thank you to every person that spent time with us, let us eat their food, sleep in their beds, and made our summer one to remember.  We lost a “teddy bear” on the journey (Hailey’s since a baby — Yes, tears were shed), earned a driver’s license (Hooray Conner!!) and gained a new hobby (tennis for Thomas).  Karen took every opportunity to go into any shopping establishment — Target, Costco, grocery stores — you name it and I was happy to run a shopping errand for anyone.  The first time we entered a large store to shop, one of my children’s eyes got REALLY big and said, “Look at all this stuff.”.  And none of us got tired of the fresh air and beautiful weather.

Conner at T-street in San Clemente

Thomas took daily tennis lessons in July returning with a new hobby.

Hailey at beach
Hailey at Riviera Beach in San Clemente

As we prepared to board our plane in London to return to Delhi, our children noticed a family that was on our plane that had two daughters that looked very excited.  They said, they must be a new family moving to Delhi “because they just look way too excited.”. Well, sure enough they were and so Hailey got to meet her first new classmate while getting off the plane in Delhi.  Boy, did that moment take us back a year ago to what we felt when we walked off the plane.  After having several friends here in India tell me that their children’s lowest point of living in India was the beginning of their second year, I was interested to see how we would do — would we be happy to be saying “Namaste” to India, or would we be crying about the “goodbye” to America.  Well, I am happy to report, that the landing in New Delhi was much, much smoother for year two and we cheerfully said “Namaste” to India.

Knotts Funnel Cake
Along with our stuffed luggage of “American goods”, we returned with some much needed body weight from enjoying some good food in America — Funnel cakes at Knotts Berry Farm included.

After living out of suitcases and sleeping in many different places as we spent much needed time with family and friends, one of our children announced during the last week of vacation that they were “looking forward to going back to India.”. There is something about having your own bed call your name — regardless of its residence — after a little while.  We would not have changed a thing about our wonderful summer and every day went too quickly, but this time flying to Delhi we came with some experience, some knowledge, a better understanding of our place of residence and an established home.  As I continue to think about how it was last year at this time, versus today, wow am I grateful for every little bit of progress we have made.

So as the suntans from time at the beach fade, we are happy to welcome year 2 on this journey in a world that is a long, long magic carpet ride from home.


2 thoughts on “Namaste Year Two

  1. Kate Sproul

    Loved your last entry and the pictures were great too! I was just getting used to seeing you around again and now you are gone! Enjoy your time back in India but know that you always have your San Clemente family to welcome you back!

  2. Megan Lee

    This is wonderful Karen! So glad you all were able to enjoy summer back in your old stomping grounds. Dave enjoyed catching up with Tyler in Atlanta last month. Can’t wait to see what adventures will come out of year 2. Thinking of you all…❤️


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