Soccer in Dubai by Conner


This is my team at the tournament.  I am on the back row far right.  Yes, notice the Mohawk I got cut just for the tournament.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, I traveled from New Delhi to Dubai with my high school soccer team to participate in the MESAC soccer tournament.  Sports at the International schools are different from the United States.  The sport seasons are much shorter.  Practices started for the soccer team in November and the team was decided in December.  Since there are few options to compete nearby, we played a few games on Fridays and Saturdays against some Indian teams (one team was well into their mid twenties) and then six international schools come together at the end of the season to compete in a round robin tournament.  The schools that participate come from New Delhi, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Muscat.


When the international schools travel to these other schools for the tournaments, we stay at “host families” of one of the players from that area.  Myself and one other teammate stayed with a student in Dubai who was from Egypt.  We had one evening free where this family took us to the Emirates Mall which has a two-run ski slope inside it.  I told my mom it would take someone a week to discover everything that was in that mall.  In return, our family gets to host two international students coming from Doha this coming weekend for the cross country tournament that our school is hosting.  I also got to visit the tallest building in the world with my team.  It is amazing!


Dubai would definitely be a fun place for our family to visit for a weekend while we are so close here.  It was a 4 hour plane flight.  It is very different from New Delhi.  I saw lots of nice cars on the roads, the city was clean, and I could enjoy some beef while I was there.  It was an exhausting, but very fun weekend.  I would say that getting an experience like this is one of the benefits of this India experience.


2 thoughts on “Soccer in Dubai by Conner

  1. Jeff Webster

    Conner– what a great experience! What position are you playing? How did your team do in the event? I start my refereeing season next weekend at a tournament in southern Colorado. Hoping for good weather.

    Sure luv ya! Uncle Jeff


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