Lip Balm and First World Problems


A few weeks ago, while riding in the car with Hailey and Thomas, my lips felt very dry and I didn’t have any lip gloss with me.  I knew where Hailey kept hers in her backpack and she usually does not mind sharing so I reached for it as I asked if I could borrow it.  She was not anxious to share it.  She explained that she really didn’t want me to use it because she had to make it last until we went back to California for Christmas.  She explained that it was the only lip balm that she will use because it has no taste and does not feel “spicy” on her lips like so many others that she has tried.  She gave me several reasons why sharing was not possible at the moment.

Thomas was listening to this dialogue between us and said, “First world problems!”  He repeated it a second time — “first world problems.”  At this point, I had to laugh.  For one reason, I laughed because he was so right.  Talking about the use and type of lip gloss was purely a first world problem.  But mostly, I laughed out of a little “payday” at that moment.  After dragging your children halfway around the world, one often wonders how this is all going to turn out in the end.  Well, one of those good moments was realizing that I have a 13 year old who REALLY knows now what first world issues are and how ridiculous many of the issues we get caught up in are when factored among the rest of the world.  Our children have seen first hand that hunger, clean water, having bathroom facilities, a home that is more than tarps or blankets are REAL problems.  If I need a smile in the day, I need only think about Thomas and that he gets “first world problems.”.  And as for the lip balm, I think we will be stocking up this trip home to California over winter break!



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