The Appliance That Left The Plumber In Awe

The Saturday we moved into our “flat”, the modern conveniences arrived to be installed — a washing machine (we spent hundreds of dollars on laundry in the hotel — I am so happy to do our wash again!), a dryer (Yes!  I am so happy to see a dryer and not have to line dry all of our clothing!), and drum roll….. a dishwasher!


Now as you will notice from the pictures, that this dishwasher may not appear to be all that special, but it is the appliance that left 3 grown men watching it in amazement.  Let me explain.  When the dishwasher was delivered the nozzle on one of the tubes was the wrong size for the plumber to connect it.  Several days later, the landlord’s plumber returned (of course, it took two visits in the same day to get the right size) to change the fitting.  Our guard accompanied the plumber to our apartment and stood and watched him as the work was done.  Upon completion, the plumber who could speak no English and the guard who has VERY limited English, were trying to communicate to me but we were not having any success.  I therefore went and got my driver to help in the translation.  Come to find out, the plumber was telling me that he did not know how to work the dishwasher to test it so was asking me how to operate it.  Yes, I wanted it tested for sure, as we have had a few surprises on things not being connected just right under the sinks.  My driver explained that the plumber had never seen a dishwasher before.  I asked my guard and driver if they had seen one before.  They had not.  As I turned it on, three grown men stood for many minutes staring at the appliance.  I finally had to announce that it looked like it was working just fine — they just looked at it in awe.


Then a few days later, the dishwasher rep calls and wants to come out and explain how it works.  I had been waiting to hear from her because they told me I could not operate it until she brought some items — which included a specific salt that is poured in a bottom compartment to help soften the water, dishwashing soap and rinse.  When the rep arrived, I ended up needing to show her where the finishing rinse went and which compartment was for the soap.  She has since called me a couple of times to make sure all is going well and if I had any questions.  We are talking about a basic dishwasher with 3 different options — heavy duty, normal, and a quick wash but it is not a common appliance in India.  When I explained to our maid, Stella, that the dishwasher was working she said, “Mam, I do my washing by hand only.”  It’s a good thing we do our own dishes at this house because I want my amazing dishwasher to get some use!




7 thoughts on “The Appliance That Left The Plumber In Awe

  1. Melissa

    I love reading your blog and hearing about all your adventures (Also happy you’ve found a place you’re comfortable living!). Keep it coming.

  2. Erin Adcock

    LOVE that story. I am picturing three men seeing something amazing for the first time! That is really great. And congratulations on getting the dishwasher working!!

  3. Val

    We really take our modern conveniences for granted here in the US! Glad you got your dishwasher working and it was so fun to see your flat and to see that you are finally moved in and feeling a little more “at home”. Keep the posts coming- it’s so interesting to see life in India!

  4. Dorothy Bryson

    Karen: You are an amazing woman! I laughed when I read your story about the plumbers. You know, we just don’t realize how good we have it in America! Your new home looks lovely, and I can just imagine how good it feels to finally have your own furniture and belongings. I love your blog. I know you’ve been very busy getting settled into your new home. I haven’t seen Jacob for 2 or 3 weeks because of one thing or another. I spent last Sunday at Harmony’s and attended the Primary Program. Harmony was the accompanist for the program, and little Ethan did his part very well. Big news: Harmony is going to have a baby next June!!!! I’m so happy for them! It’s perfect timing.

    I have your new phone number. Should I call in the evening or morning — i.e., evening or morning – your time? I miss you, but I’m sure proud of how well all of you have handled this new experience.

    I’ve been thinking about Jacob and his mission to the Philippines. The poor Filipino people have been experiencing major catastrophes with the earthquake and then the typhoon. Thousands have lost their lives and the living conditions are in complete chaos. I believe Jacob will have some real “work” to do there. Love you!

    Mom B.

  5. Melissa Darby

    The dishwasher story is beyond our comprehension. Imagine never seeing one. That is actually an appliance that I grew up with not even a new item. Imagine their amazement at all the other modern conveniences we live with and take for granted on a daily basis. I have been watching the news about the massive typhoon in the Philippines and thinking about what Jacob might be doing on his mission. It will be an amazing experience for him. Looking forward to seeing him over Thanksgiving. Hope all is well with you guys! We miss you! Much Love, the Darby’s


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