Proven Weight Loss Diet by Thomas Bryson

Diet shakes, gym memberships, weight loss pills and all of that other marketing thrown your way in order to help lose some weight, well I am giving you a new one to try — move to India.  Now I was not looking for a weight loss program, but I can testify that this one does work!

About two weeks ago I had some ongoing digestive issues where I would think I would be doing better but it would come right back the next day.  After about the third time I visited the Health Office at school and my mom was picking me up, the nurse encouraged my mom to get some testing done.  The nurse said it might be more than just some “Delhi Belly.”  So my mom texted the doctor (yes, the doctor here personally gives you his number and he communicates within the hour!) and he encouraged us to get some samples taken.  (You do not want the details on that part,)


Well sure enough, I got my first (and hopefully last) confirmed case of bacterial infection in the intestine.  According to the doctor, it can be a result of contaminated water or food.  Okay, so I must admit at this point that Conner and I had both decided to forget the bottled water tooth brushing each night, and we had been using the sink water.  It smelled better here at the hotel.  Well , we don’t know if it was that or not, but I am back to using bottled water and I am doing much better.  After about a week of only Gatorade consumption, and having lost about 10 pounds, I can testify the pounds fall off with this tested method.  Just let me know if you want me to bring back some Delhi water so you can give it a try!


7 thoughts on “Proven Weight Loss Diet by Thomas Bryson

  1. jodi

    hi karen! my name is jodi anderson. stacy ord sent me your name and blog. stacy and melissa darby are my husbands cousins. my husband and i are coming to new delhi on nov. 3 and i was wondering if you could give me any tips. i’m sorry to bug you! i’m very excited (and a little nervous) i’d appreciate anything you can tell me! i love looking through your blog! thanks, jodi

  2. Melissa Darby

    Thomas, I have been trying to lose 10lbs for 20 years. Maybe you’ve discovered the secret. Yes bring me back some deli water. Haha. Thomas I’m glad you are feeling better. That sounds awful. Sounds like you need some good California mexican cuisine!!

  3. Dorothy Bryson

    Thomas: I am so sorry that you were so sick. But, look at you — 10 pounds lighter — Wow! You wrote a great article describing your illness. I loved it. You know, about 20 years ago I became really sick. It was like you described: you start feeling better and think it’s over and then, boom – you start throwing up and feeling icky again. The doctor tried various medicines and nothing worked. Then I heard that two or three other people in my ward had the same symptoms and they were diagnosed with “giardia” — an intestinal parasite problem. My doctor still wouldn’t believe that I could have that. He said, “You would have to eat in some very strange places to get that!” Well, I called Uncle Phil and told him my story. Uncle Phil prescribed a medication for me and I started taking it. Less than a week later, I was cured!! I have no idea where I got it, but I lost 10 pounds, too.

    Well, I think you new “digs” sound pretty great! All of you are adjusting so beautifully — and, I know it’s been very hard!! My love and appreciation for all you have done and endured has grown immeasurably.

    Tell me about your school and church experiences. Do you have a lot of homework? What do you do during your “Leisure” time? Have you develop any friendships yet? Are you speaking any Hindi?

    Life here is pretty normal. Temperatures are cooling and winter is not far away, but life is good. I miss grandpa – but, I always will so that will not change. I love you Thomas! Let me know if you get this reply. I’m not always sure my messages get out there! Hugs and kisses, Grandma Bryson


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