The Snake Charmer


This past Saturday we visited a Rail Museum that is near our hotel.  Our driver had highly recommended it and we passed it so frequently, that we decided to try it.  Due to the heat and the large numbers of school groups (yes, some of the Indian schools hold school half-day on Saturdays), and the lack of things to look at, we did not last long.  But as we were leaving the museum, we got to experience our first snake charmer of India.  Conner spotted it first and said, “only in India.”  The man had two snakes and was playing his music as the first was coming out of the basket.  We stopped and watched and the man encouraged our children to come closer, get a picture.


Now having experienced many street performers in San Francisco when we lived there, we applied our knowledge, which we soon learned would grow and change here.  Conner gave the man some money as they sat there.  Tyler took a couple of pictures and then we were ready to leave.  This man became quite aggressive in wanting more money from us — actually quite a bit.  Our driver finally stepped in to let the man realize we were finished here.  It was super cool to see the snake charmer, but we now know that in India, offer money only at the end, instead of while you are enjoying it, and be cautious about the performer who welcomes you to take a picture because he could expect a large donation from the Americans.


One thought on “The Snake Charmer

  1. lanainsweden

    “Snake Charmer,” has a connotation for a reason. I found out that too when I sat on a camel for a picture at our hotel in Turkey. They expect money. Nothing is ever for free.


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