Holy Cow I Want A Steak! by Conner Bryson


When our family lived in Northern California and would travel back and forth for visits to Southern California, there was a very large cattle farm that we would pass.  We could smell it way before we could see it.  In India, instead of passing large dairy farms or cattle ranches, cows are part of the traffic problem in Delhi.  Sometimes the cows travel in a small group of 2 or 3 but most often it is just one cow sauntering around the streets and market.


Cows are considered holy here among the Hindus.  Driving down the street we have seen a believer go up and offer food to a wandering cow.  For the most part, they are an annoyance to me and a reminder that I can’t have my beef while living here.  They block traffic, leave their piles of dung on the sidewalks (my mom stepped in one while trying to take the picture below), feast on nearby grass or trash bins, find shady spots under bridges to lounge and add a nice little personal aroma to life in Delhi.  Believe me, that my first stop when we arrive back in California for Christmas is In-N-Out — and it’s for the triple meat patty!



5 thoughts on “Holy Cow I Want A Steak! by Conner Bryson

  1. Dorothy Bryson

    Conner, you did a beautiful job writing that piece! I can’t help but smile, but I can sympathize with you too. Just think of all the experiences (good and bad) that you are having. There is no place in the world like America. Love you, Grandma B.

  2. judy miller

    Great pictures to go along with your thoughts on beef. It was so fun to hear your side of life in India.
    Love you a lot
    Grandma Miller

    1. Melissa Darby

      Conner, This was fab! I was loving hearing from you! I think I would miss beef a little myself. I’m excited for you to eat a good burger when you get home. Take care!!!! Love, sister Darby

  3. Kirsti McCleary

    Sure miss you, Bryson family! Loved reading all of this and catching up on all of your adventures! Keep the posts coming – what an amazing experience!!


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