Bukhara — a great dining experience

Several of Tyler’s coworkers had  informed him that the ITC Maurya hotel where we are staying has one of the best Indian restaurants in the world –Bukhara.  It has been placed in several Food Magazines in the top 50 restaurants in the world and in 2007 was #1 in Asia.  One employee told us its on the list of “100 Things to Do Before You Die.”  We pass it daily as we go to and from our hotel room, and finally decided it was time to try it.  It is only open for about 1 1/2 hours at lunchtime and then starting at 7:00 p.m. in the evenings.  It is always busy so we put in our reservations for last Friday night and we had a wonderful dining experience.

KARENS-SURFACE - WP_20130920_001

They took us back in the kitchen and shared a little with us about the restaurant.  It has been in business at the hotel for 39 years and not a single ingredient on the menu has been changed according to one employee.  They start preparing their famous Bukhra Dal, a black lentil dish, at 11:00 p.m. the night before and let me just say that it was delicious!  They are also famous for their kabobs cooked in the tandoor — vegetable kabobs, lamb, some seafood and their chicken (they are hanging in the background of the above picture).  The chef was busy getting the balls of dough ready for naan bread and we got to see him toss and stretch the large “family” naan that we ordered.

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The restaurant gives the full experience by providing NO utensils and they provide an apron for each patron to cover any spills.  One trears off some naan bread (in the center of the table) and then dips it in the lentil dish.  The chicken we ordered you just ate with your hands.  Next time you see Conner, make sure you ask him about the after dinner “breath freshener” they provide.  When they brought it to the table, they gave us a bit of a warning “if you dare” as they explained it to us.  Conner was the only one brave enough.

At this point, you may wonder how everyone is doing with the Indian food.  Let’s just say the hotel knows the general order from the kids — mashed potatoes, pizza, cucumber slices, toast, rice, pasta, waffles.  If we eat Indian food, Hailey sticks with the naan.  Thomas and Conner have been much more adventurous and have found a few dishes and a few places where they enjoy the Indian food.

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Outside the restaurant stands this gentlemen dressed in authentic attire to greet you.  The staff was incredibly attentive, friendly and helpful in making our first visit to Bukhara a great memory!


2 thoughts on “Bukhara — a great dining experience

  1. Kathy Carter

    Dear Bryson Family,
    I have really enjoyed reading about your experience. Although some of yours are very unique to the experiences we had in Europe, some are very much the same. It sounds as if your family is doing what our family did and that was to cleave to each other and appreciate all that was good in the US as you learn to appreciate what other cultures can teach you. We will look forward to seeing you at Christmas. I want to add a short part of Anneliese’s missionary letter. She is still waiting for her Visa to Argentina but meanwhile she is loving the spanish people in Layton Ut! We feel her testimony all the way to San Clemente:) We will always be praying for you and so excited that you are having such an exciting, although challenging, life experience:)
    Best Wishes,
    The Carter Family

    This week I have been doing my Book of Mormon reading and I just happen to be in Ammon. (my favorite story) I love how amazing he is as a missionary, and how it says he was filled with the spirit of the lord and could discern King Lamoni’s needs. That is something I’ve been trying to work on as a teacher. I sometimes feel like I trust in my own understanding and teach people what I think they should know instead of what they need to know. I had a long talk with my Trainer Hermana McNelly about following the promptings of the spirit. She reassured me that I have the spirit with me because I’m worthy and willing to follow it.
    Later that day, we were out trying to contact some of our former investigators and I knew there was a member who lived in this neighborhood and asked my companions if we could go visit her. We showed up at Hermana Perez’s door to find out that she was making Argentine pastries to drop off to Janeth’s house and invite her to the Relief Society Broadcast the next day. Wow! She’s the sweetest. The moment I walked in I knew that we were supposed to be there. After spending some time with her and helping her with her cookies, we shared a little spiritual thought from this months liahona about Hastening the work. We thanked her for her great example of being a member missionary and that God really loved her and had her in his mind. She then started to cry and told us she was really grateful that we came. This experience was what I needed that day to know that the Lord really is leading my work here in Layton, Utah. I know that I’m here for a reason and I have been blessed with the privilege to know these people and to truly LOVE them!

    My purpose of a missionary is to Invite other to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. I do this through teaching them the basic principles and doctrines of the gospel and inviting them to experience it. However, I feel that the most important part of this process is helping them communicate with their Heavenly Father and receive revelation personally. With out this they could never receive the fullness and endure to the end. I hope that as I teach, that I can help people truly know for themselves that the gospel is true, not convince them or drag them to the waters of baptism haha. Isn’t the gospel just awesome?!


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