From Hollywood to Bollywood

Several weeks after arriving in India, we thought it would be fun to figure out how to go to a movie here.  We had lots of questions, such as do they play many Hollywood movies?  Do they have popcorn at the theatres?  How much does it cost to go to a movie?  But the first question to answer was where are the movie theatres?

After looking online we found just a couple of Hollywood movies playing in English — yes you need to make sure the time slot you are considering is in English instead of Hindi.  Most of the movie theatres are located in HUGE American-like malls.  You would never imagine that these massive malls would be found in India.  I have also seen one movie theatre located in one of the local shopping markets.  The movie we attended was located in one of the large malls where they had six movie screens showing films.


The picture above and below are of the mall we attended the movie.


The picture below is of the theatre located in the shopping center, not in a mall.


Upon entering the mall, it’s a bit of a maze to make it to the movie theatre.  This one was located on the 2nd of the 3 floors, but you exit the theatre on the 3rd floor.  It was tucked back away from the shops so without following the directory signs in the mall, it is a bit hard to find.  When you purchase your tickets, they will ask if you want a middle seat or an end seat.  Yes, they are assigned seats, and no they don’t show you the map to let you pick which row you would like to sit on.  Instead, they like to cram everyone into three or four rows and leave the rest of the theatre empty — I guess it helps them on their cleaning afterwards.  Any Hollywood movies that are 3D are shown in 3D only — no 2D option.  Our tickets cost about $8 each for the 3D movie.  Coming from California prices, it seemed pretty reasonable to us, but very few Indian’s could afford such entertainment.


This picture is inside the mall — you find many name-brand stores inside.

Our popcorn question was answered upon entering the theatre.  Yes, they serve popcorn — 3 kinds, butter, caramel and cheese along with some other snacks and drinks.  You collect your 3D glasses when you enter the theatre showing your movie where they take the 3D glasses ticket you were given with your purchase.  It was stadium seating, we were assigned about 3 rows from the top, with comfortable chairs.  Halfway through the movie, they have an intermission for about 10 minutes.  They just stop the movie and it gives everyone time to use the restroom, buy chocolate cake in the lobby, etc.  Outside of the intermission and the different scent in the theatre, it felt like a Hollywood movie.

This past Saturday, the hotel hosted a Bollywood movie so we have now experienced our first Bollywood experience.  There is a lot more music, dancing and singing in the Bollywood movie.  The movie would just kind of pause in the story and have a full on song about the dilemma being faced.  Yes, there were subtitles for the parts in Hindi but there was quite a bit of “Hinglish” where they combine English and Hindi so some of the sentence is in each language.  Much of this particular movie was in English due to part of it being set in New York.

Like the stars of Hollywood, I have noticed in the newspapers and on the internet news sites that they have their own entertainment section where they follow the “stars” just like Americans like to follow their Hollywood stars.  So, yes we will be able to see a few movies from Hollywood and if we like, there are plenty of Bollywood movies to choose from as well.


2 thoughts on “From Hollywood to Bollywood

  1. lanainsweden

    I LOVE love love going to the movies. No matter where I live in the world, I know I can retreat to a place for a couple of hours and forget my life completely. It’s exactly the mental break you need sometimes. (And I know those mental breaks can be life saving.)


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