Hotel Life by Hailey

Living in a hotel may seem like a dream

But it’s not

You may want to be “Eloise”

But you don’t

Exploring can only take so long

And living in two rooms is no easy task

The restaurants get old

The breakfasts get dull

And you want to get to your house!


After spending our first month in a service apartment, and before my dad departed for a trip back to Seattle for work, our family moved over to a hotel.  We are staying at the ITC Maurya about 5 minutes away from school.  At first it was very exciting to live at a hotel but soon became a little annoying to be living in two rooms.  I have to say my life is no “suite life of Zack and Cody” (a Disney show) but it is definitely better than the service apartment.  It is much cleaner and the employees speak English here.  I for sure feel safer here as well.


When you walk outside the hotel, you still get a whiff of the interesting smells in India but I sure don’t miss the smells that would float upstairs from the cooking in our service apartment.  I would say to all of you that you should enjoy every day in the US because you are truly spoiled living there.



3 thoughts on “Hotel Life by Hailey

  1. Valerie

    That was a great blog entry Hailey! We love hearing about your life in India. I had Vienna read your entry too. We miss your family! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures there!

  2. Dorothy Bryson

    Sweet Hailey: Keep writing about your adventures in India. I love them! Oh, I miss my sweet girl. You are so right, Hailey…..we are so spoiled in America. I count my blessings everyday. Yes, you would think living in a hotel everyday would be quite nice but I can see that it has its own set of problems. Hang on! You should have a “real” home soon. I love you! Grandma B

  3. lanainsweden

    Haha! Hailey I agree!!! We lived 3 months in a hotel in Vienna (during 9/11). We lived 2 months in a hotel in The Netherlands. In Greece and Sweden we just stayed in furnished apartments but that was worse because it’s still temporary and you have no pool and have to do your own cooking! The Suite Life ain’t what it looks like on TV.


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