The American Club

The American Club is as close to an oasis of America that we can find right in the heart of Delhi. Directly across from the American Embassy School lies the very large American Embassy compound.  Within this compound, the American government has created an oasis for American citizens as well as other expats.  Everyone that had come to India for Microsoft had told us to be sure to become a member of the American Club.  So, within the first week, we completed the paperwork, submitted our dues along with several passport sized pictures of each family member.  The application must get approved through the State Department because we enter the Embassy compound.  It can take up to four weeks, we were told, but where we got our application in quickly, and before the rush, we only had to wait 2 1/2 weeks. From speaking with other expats, we have learned that the American government is more generous than others in allowing expats who are not American passport holders to submit an application and become members.

The American Club has a swimming pool


There are a couple of small playgrounds for children.


The Club has a gym to work out in and a 4 lane bowling alley.


An outdoor café is next to the  pool where you can order food and drinks.  A sit down restaurant  with white linen is also available to have dinner.  The menu has some Indian food options but for us Californians, we were happy to see some Mexican dishes as well as other American dishes (okay, so it’s not the same as a Chronic taco but the closest we have found here).  They offer hamburgers which Tyler confirmed with a staff member that it is cow meat, not buffalo meat.  They even have a small Baskin-Robbins stand.


And possibly the only baseball field in Delhi is found here.  This field is where they host different large events like a 4th of July celebration.


There are also some rooms for exercise classes, conference rooms as well as  a couple of rooms where they allow Indian vendors to come and display and sell their wares.  They rotate them every couple of weeks. Currently, there is a vendor selling jewelry and one selling rugs.

The American Club has been great to provide a place to hang out.  Conner and Thomas have loved walking over after school to work out at the gym.  Hailey has enjoyed swimming in the pool and we have all enjoyed the restaurant and bowling.  We are so grateful for the American Club and the safe place it provides us to have some fun!





5 thoughts on “The American Club

  1. Davlyn Howland

    Ran into Jacob a few weeks ago. He looked great and seemed very happy, although he was missing his family. (mostly mom). He seemed grateful for the start of school and it’s distraction as well as anticipation for his mission. It just does not feel right with you gone in Sacrament. Our ward is so small and we don’t know where to sit because the Bryson’s aren’t there to sit behind. Hope you are having an amazing time. I’m almost envious.

  2. Erin Adcock

    Now we’re talking! So happy that you have this CLUB nearby. Fun to see all of the pictures! Keep the posts coming! You are all greatly missed!


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