Perspective is the way one see’s something — one’s mental view or outlook of facts and ideas.  It took just a few hours in India to realize how this family from San Clemente California is going to gain a new perspective in life from living in New Delhi, India. 

Just minutes into our arrival, upon exiting the airport at 6:30 a.m., our perspective of humidity was changed forever.  We arrived in monsoon season here when the humidity is at its peak.  The moment the doors of the airport opened to exit the airport, the stifling heat from humidity drenched us.  As we loaded our 11 suitcases and 5 carry-on bags into a small Toyota Innova mini van (a large car by their standards), our children got their first view of what this new place of residence looks like as we drove the 30 minutes to our new temporary residence.  They saw auto rickshaws, bicycle driven taxis, barefooted children knocking on their windows begging for money as we sat at an intersection, lush greenery from all the rain, people sitting on the sides of the street cooking cobs of corn on a small metal plate to sell for their livelihood, school children in uniforms heading off to their Indian schools that had already begun the school year, and yes, we even saw some cows wandering the street.  The sights, sounds and smells are a lot to absorb in that short ride but awakened all of our senses that we are now in a different part of the world where 17% of the world’s population lives. 

Our family is going to gain some new “eyes” during the next three years of living here.  Our perspective of nicely manicured lawns, free time at the beach, grocery stores full of unlimited choices of food, is changing each day as we experience what it is like to live half way around the world. 


8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Jocelyn Trask

    LOVE THIS and love you guys! So excited to hear about your safe arrival and first experiences. Enjoy your Adventure 🙂

  2. Melissa Darby

    Karen, Way to go! You started the blog. Well we miss you already so we are elated and hoping the posts on the blog continue. It seems exciting to be experiencing something so not familiar to us. You all look like you arrived safe and sound. (So glad). Keep posting so we can continue to learn from your perspective. I just showed Claire and Tess and they are very excited for Hailey to see her new school because they said they know she is one of the only people they know who “loves school”. Street seems lonely without you, quieter for sure! We want more pics too! Hope all is well, take care, Love, the Darb’s

  3. Kathy Carfter

    Oh we are so happy to hear from you! I am sure that there is so much to take in. We of course miss you very much. We are trying to adjust without you, but it is hard!!! I am trying to even imagine what it must be like in India. Even though at times you will indeed ask yourself, “What were we thinking? I promise there will be a day that you will say, I am so thankful that we had this adventure together!” Your family will become closer than you ever imagined and your testimonies will strengthen. You are now a missionary family, pioneers in your own time.
    Best Wishes and hugs,

  4. Trace Power

    Our family was so excited to see your blog! We miss you, but are so excited for your adventure! I have had a bunch of people ask how you are doing, so I am excited to let people know you started this blog. We miss you, but glad you are doing well and I must say it looks kind of exciting:)

  5. Marcene Kylander

    Oh My Precious Karen!!!
    Delhi belly… if that’s anything like Montezuma’s Revenge, I could just die for you! You have every reason to play the sympathy card, I can’t imagine the panic when you realize some shower water might have leaked in your mouth! This adjustment period is the perfect time to pull out that sense of humor. All you can do is laugh and have fun doing it! Besides, clean clothes are over-rated, and on-demand hot showers are for prima-donnas, right???! I am so excited to hear that the school is amazing! That’s half the battle at least when it comes to the kids being happy. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to read your blog, I wish i was there suffering and laughing right along with you!
    You are so loved!!


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